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MKC recently competed schematic design for the Terra Village Holdings new student housing center to service Terra State Community College. As the project has now received approval from the board, CBS news affiliate WTOL 11 recenlty featured a news-story covering the project and its progress. As Terra State President, Jerome Website indicated:


"So the student has the opportunity to enjoy campus life, live on campus, have the convenience of walking right to class, getting a chance of meeting others in a community setting and a living learning setting as well, and experience college life fully as a residential student here at Terra State."


For the full television story, click here.



Terra Village Featured on Local News WTOL

April 28, 2017

[Toledo, Ohio]

MKC Architects is pleased to announce the addition of Gregory Lonergan to their staff as the firm’s Director of Operations.  Lonergan is a licensed architect who brings 30 years of experience in practice management, project planning and quality control. Greg will be responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of the MKC design studio.  With a focus on workflow efficiency and documentation quality, he will provide guidance, scheduling, and technical expertise to the MKC staff. He will also provide high-level project management assistance.


Lonergan is a successful leader with diverse experience in the design and construction of challenging projects.  His work includes the integration of cutting-edge solutions for K-12 schools, higher education, offices, and hospitals, retail and multifamily.

MKC Architects Welcomes New Director of Operations

April 22, 2017

[Columbus, Ohio]

Completing a process of restructuring that began in 2015, MKC Associates is now MKC Architects. As part of this process, all of the firm’s activities have been relocated to the Columbus office. Moreover, management has been reorganized as follows: James M. Schmidt is now Chief Executive Officer, John Meegan is now President, and Todd R. Wrobleski is now Chief Financial Officer.


The restructuring of the office organization has consolidated multiple redundant roles, therefore making the process of our services more efficient and cost effective. Consolidating our core operations under one roof will enable us to increase our quality and improve our client experience. This move will combine our strengths from each location and create an even stronger firm. We are confident that the new organization framework laid in place will revolutionize the way MKC Architects operates, allowing us to provide more complete, daring, and masterful buildings.



MKC Architects Completes Office Restructuring

February 15, 2017

[Columbus, Ohio]

MKC Architects is pleased to announce the addition of Matthew Teismann to our staff as the firm’s Director of Design. Teismann is an experienced architectural designer whose research focuses on the history and philosophy of design. Teismann received an MDes degree from Harvard Graduate School of Design and a B.Arch. from Kansas State University.


Teismann was most recently a lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia where he taught design studios and history and theory. He has published on topics such as the spaces of capital globalism, geopolitical spatial encounters, counterculture architecture, and social and cultural identity. Prior to that he was a founding partner in the firm LIONarchitecture, with notable works including the exhibited Urban Green-House project, the published MadHouse, and the award winning BadSeed House in Kansas City, Missouri.


Teismann will be the design lead for many projects, and will oversee design and architectural services for the office. Welcome Matthew.

MKC Architects Welcomes New Design Director

January 21, 2017

[Columbus, Ohio]